Saturday 23 January 2016

Cashmerette - Appleton Wrap Dress

I'm a bit of a sucker for a wrap dress, so when Jenny of Cashmerette released her first pattern, I was smitten.

I liked that the Appleton offered different cup sizes, and that it was a nice basic no frills wrap dress.

After reading various sewalong posts on Jenny's blog, I picked a size and dived in. I went with a size 14 E/F.
As usual, I did a full butt adjustment and sized up the back skirt for some comfort room.

My fabric was not as stretchy as recommended, but still gave reasonable and wearable result. I will however use a fabric with the correct stretch next time.

This is fairly close to the true colours

Good bust coverage
Full length mirror selfie

While I'm happy enough with this, I will be sizing up the front skirt also next time, as the overlap on the skirt is not sufficient enough for me to feel comfortable.

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